Rapid Agile Efficient

The RAE platform is Aginco’s core application. RAE streamlines complex legal or administrative procedures, connecting all public and private stakeholders. The platform and its building blocks can be customized for and applied to multiple processes, such as insolvencies, licenses, and certificates. The name RAE emphasizes our rapid, agile and efficient approach.

this is how

RAE resolves the challenges related to multi-faceted procedures.


The platform and software allow stakeholders to exchange files and documents easily and safely. All information is stored online, protected by the highest security standards.


Users are assigned to their proper role, and receive the correct information and tasks in the course of the procedures.


All parties involved gain insight into and control over complex procedures. Individuals, companies, and official instances can follow up on their own files, governmental and legal institutions can consult and control cases more accurately and detect irregularities sooner.


Digitizing and streamlining procedures critically increases the speed of the process from beginning to end, thus saving resources. Also other procedural costs, such as printing, transport, meeting rooms, such as printing & postage, transport & meeting rooms, etc. diminish drastically.